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Singularity was a student four-part sci-fi miniseries that I joined as a co-writer. Alex and Blaire are a pair of new graduates struggling to make their relationship work after moving to a new city and in Alex's case, a new job and a new... acquaintance? If you can call an AI that.

Thanks to everyone's hard work, the whole series is on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Singularity episde 2 screenshot
Screenshot from Singularity Episode 2, linked to the episode YouTube.

The Process

Looking back, there are a lot of similarities between developing a design and writing an engaging and coherent story. Underlying everything was the collaboration within the team and the need for respect for each person's style and working process. In addition, there was also:

It took a few meetings before we figured out an outline for the series, our characters, and our themes. Once the general beats were ironed out, I took point on writing for the second episode. Once the initial draft was done, the writing team sat down to comb through and mark edits, before the script would be considered complete.

Singularity script
Scene sample from Singularity Part 2