Hello, I'm Joyce! I’m an interdisciplinary UX Designer and Researcher who simplifies complexity and builds connection through user-centered design.

My first love was narrative—I continue to care about telling stories and exploring all the spaces in between the lines.

UX Design | UX Research | Content & Storytelling | Just for Fun

UX Design

Lilac Information Architecture

LILAC Museum Ship

Encouraging exploration through information architecture.

information architecture, wireframes

Tate Halo

Tate Halo

Designing a wearable for museum visitors to visualize and share their trip.

affinity diagrams, surveys, prototypes, usability testing

Grow: a smart city

Grow: a smart city

Visualizing urban citizenship for humans... and trees.

personas, interviews, probes

Portfolio example

Portfolio Site

Coding a portfolio for myself, a continuous work-in-progress.

web design, html/css, graphic design

UX Research

Dementia UK

Dementia UK

Answering a charity's concerns through remote usability testing.

usability testing, interviews

Hand holding smartphone with navigation app open

Wayfinding Study

Observing neighborhood walks and journey planning.

thinkalouds, direct observations

Facebook's Pretend Groups

Pretending on Facebook

Exploring platform design and what "pretend" means on Facebook Groups.

diary studies, interviews

Content & Storytelling

UX for Kids

UX for Kids

Creating lessons to teach kids UX Design.

ux writing, content design, user testing

Blog image sample


Blogging about HCI, the arts, travel, and more.

blogging, marketing

Documentation screenshot


Writing code documentation for non-technical users.

documentation, javascript

Just for Fun



Doodling and musing in my spare time.

writing, sketching

Tweets from Evanescence Lyrics Generator


Trying—and maybe succeeding—in writing bots.

coding, writing

Still from Singularity

Singularity (Part 2)

Writing and editing a script for a four-part sci-fi web series.

scriptwriting, editing, video production

Greatest Heist

The Greatest Heist

Playing out your childhood dreams in a Western choose-your-own-adventure game.

game writing, coding